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Riverside Meadows Pet Motel, Inc.

Personalized Pet Care Facility in Omaha, NE


About Riverside Meadows Pet Motel

Riverside Meadows Pet Motel Inc. was founded in 1978 by Don and Susan Martineau. Growing up in Omaha, Susan developed a passion for rescuing animals from all walks of life. Susan would spend her allowance money on spays, neuters and shots. Don grew up on Canada training for the NHL (National Hockey League). When the NHL brought Don to Omaha, NE , he and Susan went on their first date to the Human Society where Susan Adopted 19 cats. Susan had each cat fixed and vaccinated before finding a loving home for each pet. As Don and Susan traveled for Don's hockey career, they boarded their Dalmatians, Bojo and Bandit. Susan and Don noticed their Dalmatians never seems happy after being at a dog boarding facility. From then on, it has been Susan's mission to build a pet motel that provides loving, personal care for each pet as if it was her own. Riverside Meadows Pet Motel is not just a boarding facility, it is a passion for animals!
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