425 S 234th St, Waterloo, NE 68069
Riverside Meadows Pet Motel, Inc.

Dog Villa Amenities in Omaha, NE

Included Services
  • All accommodations include tiled walls to provide privacy and cleanliness.
  • This prevents nose-to-nose contact that would otherwise promote territorial disputes.
  • No cages!!!
  • Susan, owner/RN, makes nightly rounds to insure your pet is comfortable, content and ready for bed. Extra potty breaks, for those needing assistance, and bedtime snacks are a nightly regimen.
  • The entire facility is climate-controlled and remains at 70 degrees year-round.
  • Our kennel is designed so that our staff can easily keep an eye on your pet by walking through, checking on them frequently and chatting with your dog throughout the day. This way your pet never feels alone or isolated.
  • Complimentary Laundry Service: We will wash and send your pet's overnight sleeping gear home clean.
Happy puppy - Pet Boarding services in Waterloo, NE

Indoor Accommodations

For our smaller to medium size guests we provide a private, tiled area of 40 square feet, complete with a climate controlled environment and comforting music.

Indoor/Outdoor Suites

Indoor/Outdoor Suites: for our larger guests include a private, tiled, climate controlled area, with a dog-operated two way door allowing access to their private outdoor courtyard. These suites are 64 square feet and also include comforting music.

Dog-operated two-way doors allow for access to a private outdoor courtyard. Riverside Meadows Pet Motel is the only facility that has dog operated two-way doors so your pet can come and go as he pleases, however, if he needs assistance we are the doorman.

Terrier playing - Dog Boarding in Waterloo, NE
Portrait of dog - Dog Boarding in Waterloo, NE
Close up dog - Dog Boarding in Waterloo, NE

Affordable Rates

  • Under 25 pounds- $17/night
  • 25-50 pounds- $17.50/night
  • 51-75 pounds- $18.50/night
  • 76+ pounds- $19/night