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Riverside Meadows Pet Motel, Inc.

Additional TLC Services in Omaha, NE

Riverside Meadow Pet Motel offers the following TLC services for your Dog or Cat.

Walking Session

  • Rate: $5.00 Per Dog, Per Walking Session
  • 2/3 Mile walk down our beautiful scenic country lane.

Playtime Session

  • Rate: $5.00 Per Session
  • Outdoor Fitness area to play fetch, tug of war, Frisbee, etc.

Petting Session

  • One-on-one Cuddle time
  • Rate: $1.00 Per Cat or Dog for 15-minute session
Dog Playing with toys - Pet Boarding Services in Waterloo, NE

TV Snuggle Time

  • Cuddling up on the couch with a loving staff member
  • Rate: $5.00 Per Pet Per Session

Summer Swim Time(Seasonal)

  • Rate: $12.00 Per Pet Per 20-minute Session

Shampoo and Nail Trimming

TV Snuggle time - Pet Boarding Services in Waterloo, NE